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"Louisa Gordon has transformed me - her care and treatment and commitment has been 110%. She shows real interest in your life and nothing is too much trouble."
Fertility, Gynaecology & Pregnancy

Louisa Gordon specialises in treating gynaecological disorders, and is also experienced in the treatment of couples undergoing fertility treatments.

Acupuncture is increasingly becoming recognised as a useful adjunct to ART, in terms of improving gamete quality and success rates. Clinicians involved in the process of ART are becoming more and more interested in acupuncture as a valid resource for helping couples undergoing IVF. There are several studies available which illustrate the kind of role acupuncture can play in the treatment of infertility, for example the so-called "German Protocol" carried out by Paulus et al -
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Louisa has also treated numerous women throughout their pregnancies, helping them with symptoms of tiredness, nausea, back ache and other problems. She also assists in labour, and has been lucky enough to be present at the births of a number of wonderful babies. Acupuncture can be useful in labour not only to help with the pain, but can also keep contractions moving when women undergo assisted deliveries with the use of epidural and other pain relieving medications. 


"There aren't enough words to thank Louisa and her amazing needles. I started doing treatments with her on recommendation of a close friend following my 1 st miscarriage. I'll always remember that first session as I was feeling very down and sad but she somehow managed to give me back my smile straight away and boost me with energy. I saw her pretty much every fortnight as I went through another 2 miscarriages and I would never have managed to go through this difficult time that well without her wonderful help and dedication. Louisa always brings a lot of sunshine with her into the room and it feels fantastic. Thanks to her amazing needles and positiveness I now have my little baby girl cooing next to me there is no better reward - thank you so much!"

"6 months after coming off the pill I was concerned that I hadn't had a period. I saw my doctor, and after a series of blood tests and scans I was diagnosed with PCOS in March 2004. My somewhat blunt GP gave me a repeat prescription for the contraceptive pill to 'hide the symptoms' of PCOS, told me to come back for more drugs when I wanted to have children and sent me on my way. I was devastated.

I'd had acupuncture in the past and thought it might help with PCOS - I was lucky to find Lou and within months of seeing her I was having periods and within a year they were as regular as clockwork - all without taking the pill! My GP was absolutely amazed and said she wouldn't even consider me a possible PCOS sufferer as my symptoms were so under control.

Lou explained exactly what was happening with my body and how I could help myself to better understand PCOS and combat it head on; taking my temperature every morning, paying attention how I felt, my skin, my moods, my digestion - everything really!

She has been a constant emotional support offering advice via email and phone in addition to my regular appointments. I feel empowered and in control of my body, I understand about PCOS and how to best cope with it. Lou and her magic needles have made me a happy and confident woman with great hope for the future and a massive family"

"Louisa Gordon assisted me in the birth of each of my two girls: Mathilda (June 15, 2004) and Dorothy (May 1, 2006). For Mathilda's birth she came to our house and gave me acupuncture for pain relief from the first contractions until the final push - accompanying me to hospital for the last stage. During Dorothy's birth, which was a homebirth, she stayed the full length of the birth giving me pain relief with her magic needles.

Louisa is an exceptional person, healer and acupuncturist. I have extremely long births which a doula's job all the harder and her stamina is quite amazing. Crucially, she makes midwives and doctors feel at ease. (I've been told by friends that there can be standoffs between medical staff and doulas/natural health professionals in the strained environment of a labour ward etc. Not with Louisa). She is kind, utterly supportive without being overpowering and effortlessly flips from the role of doula to acupuncturist to masseuse depending on the moment. I genuinely don't believe I would have managed to give birth to Dorothy at home without her. My incredibly experienced independent midwife Jane Evans, who assisted me too with the birth of Dorothy, was very impressed with Louisa and her parting shot was that she hoped she would work with her again. What better reference?"

"Louisa provided a fantastic Doula service to my husband and me during thebirth of our first child. Louisa had been treating me with acupuncture throughout the pregnancy and then joined us on the day through the laterstages of labour and the birth - around 11 hours.

Louisa was a constant source of support and encouragement and a beacon of calm and understanding. My husband and I really appreciated having someonethere who knew us, had been through a birth before and could assure us thatall was progressing normally.

I can't recommend Louisa highly enough. She is a warm and giving person witha genuine passion for helping women through pregnancy and birth and ensuring they have a safe and happy experience."

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