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Traditional Chinese Medicine
: Introduction

Central to the philosophy behind Traditional Chinese Medicine is holistic thought. This essentially means that mind, body and emotions are all part of one whole, and interact with each other, so that when they are all in balance, health will prevail. In the West we tend to separate our emotional life from our physical life, whereas TCM maintains that any emotional problem can impact on our physical well being, while similarly any physical imbalance can impact on our emotions. The beauty of TCM and acupuncture is that it works on this basis, resulting in treatments that not only focus on a physical symptom, but also the emotional repercussions that symptom has. In TCM an excess of an emotion, for example, Anger can result in physical problems such as headaches, while at the same time an internal, physical imbalance causing headaches can affect the emotions. This holistic thought is central to the whole ethos behind TCM.
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